Tips on Selling Your Products on Amazon and Getting the Upper Hand in the Competition

With almost 197 million people worldwide turning to Amazon every month, it’s certainly one of the largest and most extensively visited e-commerce platforms.  And with Amazon becoming a leader in online sales, there are no signs of it slowing down. So, if you are planning to sell products on Amazon, it is certainly a  profitable and overwhelming decision as you directly get an opportunity to reach out to more than 310 active million active accounts. Also, with 9 out of 10 customers visiting Amazon to check the price and 95 million prime members, there isn’t any other better marketplace.

Selling Your Products on Amazon

Here, in this blog, we will have a brief discussion about how to sell your products and gain an upper hand in the competition.

Choose and Register on Amazon Seller Account

First and foremost, you need to register on the Amazon Seller Account and choose the account type. You will get a couple of options here-

Individual Account – Here you will have to pay per unit on selling an item.

Professional or Pro Seller Account- You have to pay a  fixed monthly subscription fee, no matter how many product units are sold.

However, you also have to face stiff competition from the other sellers as according to research, there are close to 2 million registered sellers on Amazon. However, you can still boost your sales if you follow the tips below and stay ahead of the game.

Start with an Eye-Catching Title

Titles are the first thing that everyone will notice, so, you need to optimize the same.  The title usually begins with the brand name, product name, and features. For instance, Apple iPhone X 32GB Black.

The shopper will come to know what the product is and you can even capitalize on the keywords.

Managing and Clustering Your Inventory

If you want to get a more balanced sell-through, it’s important to manage your inventory in an efficient way. Apart from that, you also have to cluster your stock to increase more visibility. Please note that products on the flywheel effect will have enhanced visibility and that less visible remains hidden.

In addition, you can even place your products on the Fulfilled by Amazon platform where you get the benefit of prime shipping that boosts your sales.

Do Some Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps to get more customers on board. First, you have to find some high-value and relevant keywords and then incorporate them into all aspects of listing to make your products more visible.

Selling Your Products on Amazon1

You need to provide the right product option to your customers. Keep your keywords straightforward. Besides that, if you are using long sentences to describe your products,  it is considered a good move from Amazon’s algorithm.

Automating Product Prices

Repricing your inventory manually will land you in an area of difficulty. How? Your competitors will also start to re-price their products when you have begun with the task and this will seriously affect your sales.

The best option here is to automate your pricing system, which also helps you to work closely with digital marketing agencies. The manual pricing systems will only work out if you don’t have any competition in the market, which is a rare aspect.

Finding Your Key Differentiator

How would you tell people how your products are relatively different from others? Well, the best way is to find your key differentiator. What are the main customer pain points that you can address through your products? You can make use of ad copies, catchy images, and videos to attract more target audiences. Also, you need to pay attention to customer reviews and ratings and inform others about what buyers are saying about your products and what is the best and worst thing that people like and dislike about your product.

Let’s Conclude

Amazon Product Selling offers a plethora of advantages and exciting opportunities to boost sales and profit. You can also follow some more tips such as optimizing your funnel and running promotions along with above-stated steps. Remember, the world of e-commerce is fast and constantly changing and it’s important to match the transforming environment for staying afloat in the race.